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​At German Shepherds Florida we strive to feature competitive working line German Shepherds. Pick.the perfect Schutzhund IPO, AKC, or Ring competition working prospect.  We are not a kennel or boarding facitlty.  We work with a select group of high quality breeders in dog sport to provide specialized working line German Shepherds for IPO Dog Sport Handlers.

For Sale

At this time we are featuring no  German Shepherd Puppies for sale. German Shepherds Florida will advertise only German Shepherd Puppies from proven Schutzhund lines.  We seek to place working line German Shepherds with IPO Handlers for use in IPO and other Dog Sport. German Shepherds are loyal family pets and make excellent protection dogs when properly trained.

Check out our Upcoming Litters Page to see what the Kennels we work with are planning.   Now expecting Upcoming Litter from Vom Glockner Haus Kennel breeding of  Ali Vom Hofe Schumacher and Tequila vom Haus Winheim.

Looking for a trained AKC Registered Schutzhund IPO Protection Sport Dog? Choose from a small select range of imported and or domestically raisedSchutzhund trained German Shepherd dogs, with titles from BH to IPO 3.   

BASIC OBEDIENCE -   German Shepherds trained with the GSF System of training begin basic obedience training at eight weeks of age.  This training includes imprinting and shaping introductory commands such as: come, sit, down, and touch.  The touch command is used for more complex touch pad training later in heeling, jumps,  and send outs. Basic Obedience classes are offered to pet owners and IPO enthusiasts using a motivational approach. 

ADVANCED DOG SPORT TRAINING - Advanced training in IPO available:

    Check the CLASSES page for available IPO Schutzhund Classes at GSF.

Tracking -  Scent pad foundation work, beginning straight tracks, adding turns, and article identification.

Protection - Puppy bite work foundation, intermediate developmental bite work (IPO sport specific), the bark and hold, the directed search, and advanced protection skills. 

Advanced Obedience - Focused heeling, the retrieve, jumps, commands in motion, and the directed send away.   

BH Preparatory Class - For New Schutzhund IPO Handlers 

Helper Work and Advanced Dog Sport Training is by appointment only.

Contact David at 352.396.5153 for training availability.

GSF BASIC TRAINING SCHEDULE - Follow this link for easy to follow instructions in basic IPO Schutzhund Tracking for First Time IPO Dog Handlers.

German Shepherds Florida (GSF) will add more training aids for the New IPO Handler as time progresses to include basic Obedience and Protection Drills.  For further and more personalized study we recommend seeking an IPO Schutzhund Club and contacting our GSF Trainer.   If you would like information on Clubs or Local Trainers please submit a contact form with your question or simply call between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM Monday - Saturday.

CRATE TRAINING - All Handlers with German Shepherds trained by German Shepherds Florida are encouraged to crate train starting at eight weeks of age.  At GSF we recommend crate training of all German Shepherds, especially working K9 pups and IPO sport dogs, as these German Shepherds will spend a good portion of their life in vehicles.


SOCIALIZATION- One of the most important phases of training a new puppy is how to behave around families and other dogs.   At German Shepherds, the dogs we train will have a social advantage and head start on most kennel dogs as we actively socialize and encourage Handlers to socialize each German Shepherd in our training system with families and other dogs.


REINFORCEMENT- Of course it is up to the new owner to reinforce these behaviors and insure continued education to assure success.  For more extensive and advanced dog training we encourage every new dog owner to find a field sport of personal interest and unlock your German Shepherd's full potential.

We also encourage new dog owners to check out the Leerburg DVD's we offer as well as the Leerburg Online University.




  Schutzhund IPO, AKC, French Ring, Mondio



 We encourage all  new German Shepherd Puppy owners to get involved with dog sport.  German Shepherds Florida can assist you in finding a local Schutzhund IPO , AKC, or Ring Club.


   Let us help you connect with clubs and events!


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Breeding partner Program

Providing working line puppies to experienced and new handlers. 




 MONDAYS   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


GSF Fields Located in LADY LAKE, FL 32159

This training time is open to all IPO Schutzhund enthusiasts regardless of dog breed and is a time to come and enjoy working Obedience, Tracking, and Protection on the GSF Fields.  This is a family welcome clean environment.

​IPO SCHUTZHUND CLUB OF LADY LAKE is now accepting new members!

Call in advance to confirm that there will be training and an available Helper.

Contact David: 352-396-5153

German Shepherds Florida Promotes IPO Dog Sport By Training the Next Generation of IPO Handlers


The GSF Youth Handler Program is our contribution to IPO Dog Sport - It is a time where young people who are interested in IPO Dog Sport can be mentored by our trainers.   David Collette, GSF Trainer and Founder,  is both an active Youth Minister who is dedicated to Christian Discipleship, as well as a certified and licensed Dog Trainer in Lady Lake, Florida using his passion for dogs as a tool to positively mentor and encourage young people to engage in the worthy rewarding task of Dog Handling, Training and competing.

                                                                                                                                    Interested parents please contact David at 352.396.5153