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German Shepherds Florida

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If you would like to partner with us in providing top quality working prospects to experienced and new handlers by advertising a litter or upcoming litter of German Shepherds on this site please contact us using the contact form above and tell us about your Kennel.  

For approved breeders the advertising of a current or upcoming litter is a free service we provide to assist IPO Dog Sport Handlers in finding high drive potential sport dogs for competition training.


To partner with German Shepherds Florida you will be required to provide us with a copy of the pedigree of both sire and dam for review.  We will also want to talk with you about your breeding program and breeding philosophy to insure you are a good match for this site having a desire to build on the strengths of the German Shepherd Dog.  


We do not partner with, nor do we endorse, puppy mills or breeders who have acquired this reputation.   The purpose of this site is to assist competitors and new dog handlers by providing working line German Shepherd Dogs from proven lines.  


The Sires and/or Dams in your breeding program should be titled from a recognized Working Dog Sport Club and deemed breed worthy with regards to temperament.  We require both male and female to show proof of OFA good or better or have similar certifications.


A copy of the titled GSD's score book or books showing proof of earned titles signed by a recognized Judge from a recognized club will be required if we are not familiar with your dogs and Kennel.   

Steve Gregalunas,

Training Director

Interested in IPO Dog Sport

train with other handlers


One of the best ways to enjoy your German Shepherd dog is to use your new dog for what he has been bred to do over so many years - WORK! 


IPO / Schutzhund Dog Sport, which originated in Germany, tests and challenges German Shepherds in three basic areas of work; tracking, obedience, and protection.  The overall attitude and willingness of a German Shepherd Dog to perform this work for the human handler is also a key factor in assessing the German Shepherd dog.  


If you would like to know more about this amazing dog sport, please contact us.  We love to help new handlers take their first steps as Schutzhund competitors.


It would be our pleasure to help you locate a Schutzhund, Ring,  or AKC Dog Club and Dog Trainer in your area.   



Call for directions if needed.

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