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              Health Certificate From a Veterinarian

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How to Purchase


To place a deposit on an available puppy, use the Deposit Buy Now Button.  Deposits are $500.00 and are non-refundable.

Full price or balance due is paid at pick up.


Puppies marked sold are already reserved or have been purchased..

AKC German Shepherd Puppies For Sale - Ready for work

         for owners who prefer quality competitive working dogs

German Shepherds Florida

German Shepherds Florida does not present year round litters of puppies or advertise a constant stock of German Shepherd puppies for sale.  

We are not a Kennel or boarding facility.  We work with Handlers in Dog Sport and a select group of Working Line German Shepherd Breeders to present German Shepherds we believe are a good representation of the breed displaying good temperament and good potential as IPO and other protection sport dogs, then assist them in training those German Shepherds through Club Activity, Training Directors, and Onsite Training at either GSF or other reputable Training Facilities. 

GSF only works with very reputable Working Line German Shepherd Breeders who seek to improve on the breed with titled healthy dogs actively displaying good temperament and success in protection dog sport.  It is understood throughout the German Shepherd Community that these types of Germans Shepherd Puppies make the best Trained Protection Sport dogs, the most reliable personal and executive level protection dogs, as well as the most loyal family pets.

For this reason you may often find no puppies for sale on this site.  We do however, always offer training and seek to assist New Handlers.

The names given are for our purposes only, unless otherwise stated.  Each new owner must choose a name for their puppy during the AKC registration process. Interested Clients Contact

    David at 352-396-5153

We're passionate about educating Handlers with knowledge on what constitutes an exceptional German Shepherd Puppy.   All of the dogs featured on GSF will make great family pets, and with proper training; potential AKC Registered IPO competitive sport dogs or Police K9s.  We encourage you to involve your new German Shepherd puppy in Field Trials that interest you!


GSF IPO Foundations Training Schedule

We have included the following schedule for owners of IPO Sport Puppies who need a little direction in their training paradigm.  We hope this assists you in your training.   There are many different approaches to training an IPO Sport Puppy.  This is the GSF IPO Foundations Training Schedule, which includes engagement and drive building, environmental neutralization, obedience shaping, puppy bite work foundations, tracking foundations, crate training, and house manners.   The exact times of each event can vary depending on your work schedule - this is provided to give you a general idea of tasks that need to be accomplished by the IPO Handler during the upbringing of the working dog.​  It is important in Florida to track early to avoid ant infestation of tracking bait and it is also wise to split obedience shaping drills into multiple smaller sessions.

GSF IPO Foundations Schedule


         6:45 AM - Preparation Time   (Cut Tracking Bait then retrieve puppy from Crate and travel to tracking field)

         7:00 AM - Tracking    (Follow Tracking Schedule given in Tracking Training Page - Breakfast is served on the track) 

Tracking Session is followed by Engagement Session with Tug or Fetching For Exercise (Do not over exercise puppy)

Short Ride in Vehicle Crate to Next Training Area (IPO Dogs must become accustomed to the traveling inside the crate)

         8:00 AM - Environmental Neutralization (Taking to new locations - strip malls, play parks, fields)

Rest - Free Time (We recommend kenneling IPO Working Dogs)

         6:00 PM - Obedience Foundations (Dinner is served as rewards in Obedience Drills)

         6:30 PM - Puppy Bite Work Foundations  (make sure you seek assistance from an experienced helper for best reults)

                                    (Try to do this at least once a week at your club with help from your experienced IPO Club Helper)

         7:00 PM - House Manners (skills such as potty training, chews and don't chews, leave it, etc..)

Rest - Kennel

         10:00 PM - Crate for sleeping

                                        Puppy Prey Work Foundations at 10 Weeks Old

             To see upcoming litters from Vom Glockner Haus visit the Upcoming Litters page.  

We’re committed to featuring the highest quality German Shepherds exhibiting the most potential for success as IPO Schutzhund Sport Dogs, Personal and Executive Level Protection Dogs, and Police K9s.  We know that  purchasing a family companion or acquiring a working dog is a serious decision. Please take advantage of our experience and contact Jody if you desire assistance or litter insight.


 If you are interested in a German Shepherd featured on this site you may either use the Buy Now button to reserve that specific puppy by placing a deposit directly to the breeding kennel or we will arrange for you to come in person and view the dog and you can place a hold at that time.  Once your German Shehperd is paid for in full you may pick him up on site at our location, or we can assist you in arranging shipment. Shipping fees are not included in the listed purchase price.